NEXT GEN Shock Mitigation Technology

Digital Workshop via ZOOM

Tuesday 20 October 2020


Last week we ran NEXT GEN Shock Mitigation Solutions as a digital workshop.

It worked really well for the international group - see superb NEXT GEN Feedback

Due to COVID this was at short notice - which meant some people could not attend.

We have brought these NEXT GEN technologies together for a different group.

These will be fast moving presentations - with a dynamic Q&A section after each.

For information contact Event Manager:

 Claire Donnelly +44 (0)7709 675258



SCOT SEAT have developed the knowledge and experience to provide world class marine seating solutions. The range includes shock mitigation jockey and helmsman seats, crew and passenger seating.    www.scotseats.co.uk

DYENA Vessel and crew health monitoring solutions are designed to aid operators in managing the wellbeing of their staff. Features include real-time alerts and recording acceleration plus vessel motion in 6 axes.   www.dyena.com

SHOCKWAVE design and manufacture a range of marine suspension seating. Shockwave ICE - Integrated Control Environment - are suspended cockpits which provide multi-axis shock mitigation.    www.shockwaveseats.com

SKYDEX Impact Mitigating Seat Cushion Inserts can be integrated into all types of marine seating, including jockey and bench seats. Shock Mitigating Boat Decking is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses.    www.skydex.com

SMART-SHIP is developing haptic controls for use on vessels and simulators. Applying haptics on the controls of high speed craft can increase operator performance and awareness in waves.    www.smart-ship.eu

SEAir founding idea is that hydrofoil technology should be made more mainstream. SEAir makes alterations to existing boats and also design the boats of the future, alone or in partnership with boat builders.    www.seair-boat.com


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