NEXT GEN 2022 - Feedback

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. A great insight into current and future developments. The presenters were well versed in their fields and made each presentation fascinating.
Stuart Bailey - Senior Design Engineer, Babcock International

I really enjoyed it, the holistic and international outlook from senior leaders across key industry and policy makers added considerable value to help steer our future research.
Prof Alasdair Cairns - Chair of Propulsion Systems, University of Nottingham

NEXT GEN Hydrogen showed that there is now a good basis for progress to accelerate as successful applications can inspire and provide the basis for further expansion of potential applications. We now need to put more effort into identifying opportunities for transfer of technology.
John Price - Dir, JMP Systems Engineering / Former Airbus Group Innovations

Thank you for arranging an excellent Marine Hydrogen workshop a few weeks ago. It was a really well run event with excellent speakers – I learned a lot!
Tom Patrinos - Systems Engineer, Connected Places Catapult

Thank you for organising NEXT GEN Hydrogen - very informative and valuable. The information gleaned has really helped me tighten up my thoughts on what we are doing and re-enforced that we are on the right track.
Simon Mcloughlin - Managing Director, C-Fury Limited

It was a great experience with your workshop. The knowledge and experience which was visible there was outstanding and indisputable, and the width of topics addressed.  
Kai Reichelt - Business Development Manager Testing, RINA - Germany 

The workshop yesterday was very good! Found the afternoon engaging with smooth transition through presenters and discussions were very interesting.
Arthur Fox - Electrical & Electronic Design Engineer, Babcock International

The NEXT GEN Hydrogen Workshop was indeed an amazing opportunity to achieve a complete overview of the hydrogen opportunities and the ongoing projects in the marine sector. Moreover, the last session was pointing out interesting strategies and presenting useful guidelines for new project development. It was an honour for me attend at NEXT GEN Workshop that gathered high-level professionals, but most of all it was a learning experience.
Ioana Muntean - Business Project Manager & Co-Founder, Primo Elemento - Italy

It was useful to learn more from the aerospace industry and have the perspective from the IMO. I hope the collaboration and connections made through the workshop really help accelerate the adoption of hydrogen in vessels of all sizes. CMB has already started the process, and hope others will join us.
Trevor Jasper - Director of Advanced Research and Development, CMB.TECH

Thanks for another great NEXT GEN workshop – the discussions and industry seems to have moved forward a long way in eight months. Broad content was excellent, SQEP (Suitably Qualified & Experienced Person) presenters very good in simplifying and presenting the issues/development/research and time keeping great. More of the same please.
Charles Broughton - Principal Naval Architect, Babcock International

I enjoyed all of the presentations which were detailed and informative.I liked the balance between technical and legislative/regulation/policy as there is no point talking in depth about one without the other. The examples of current technology were really useful too.
Dr Simon Gerrard - Corporate Partnerships Senior Exec, University of Nottingham

Really enjoyed the open discussions. Knowledge transfer from other sectors is highly relevant to marine. Huge thanks to all Presenters & Attendees for a very insightful day.
John Haynes - Managing Director, NEXT GEN Marine