Marine RS & WBV Awareness Course - NEW DATE

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Grand Harbour - Southampton UK - 7 October 2020

All operators of professional and commercial boats are invited to attend a one day Marine RS & WBV Awareness course at Grand Harbour Southampton on 7 October 2020.

Training is relevant to ALL sectors operating sub 24m craft in open sea and estuary conditions. Including workboats, wind farm support, maritime pilots, rescue, police, patrol, fisheries protection, sea safari, charter and superyacht tenders.

Whilst we are living in challenging times,

we believe it is still important to make plans for the future.

The immediate and long term effects of impact and vibration (Repetitive Shock & Whole Body Vibration) on crews and passengers need to be understood by ALL operators. Lower speed workboats face different issues to high speed powerboats - the shared objective is taking simple, cost effective steps to reduce risk.

Causes of 'shock' are random 'hits' of up to 15G from head sea impacts or from overtaking following seas. A single event can result in a sudden chronic injury. Causes of 'vibration' are continuous 'hammering' such as short steep seas or wind against tide conditions. Extended exposure can result in muscle fatigue and injury.

Utilising the latest industry best practice and knowledge from across the marine industry, sessions look at what are the forces that really affect people in waves and how different groups are taking action to reduce injuries. Lessons learned enable individuals and groups to improve their safety at sea.

John Haynes of Shock Mitigation said, ‘We are running the NEXT GEN Shock Mitigation Solutions Workshop on 31 March and have been asked to run this Marine RS & WBV training course back to back on 1 April. People are welcome to attend one or both days.’

RS & WBV Marine Awareness Course

NEW DATE - 7 October 2020

Grand Harbour, Southampton UK

One Day Workshop - Standard Rate: £195

UKMPA / UKHMA / RINA / YBDSA / British Marine Rate: £175

Military / Government / Academia / SAR Rate: £175

To book a place or for further information:

Event Manager: Claire Donnelly +44 (0)7709 675258



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